Your Team

Branovan is more than just A team... it's YOUR team.

Marie Branovan
CEO and “Top Guy”

Marie is the CEO and our “Top Guy.”  She truly rules the roost and oversees the operations of the entire business, harnessing all the creativity bouncing around Branovan and directing it into results.  She is definitely no shrinking violet, which means Branovan and its customers never have to settle for anything less than the absolute best.

Marie spends a lot of her non-Branovan time chasing her hockey-playing family around from rink to rink.  But when she finally gets the chance to unwind a bit, she can usually be found on a beach somewhere… sun, sand, and a tiki hut keeps Marie happy. 🙂

David Branovan
President and “Problem Solver”

Brano calls himself the “problem solver” and is truly known for creating the perfect promotional product, even with an unrealistic deadline and budget.  He truly is “your guy.”

When he is not at the office working or on a sales call, he can most likely be found at an ice rink near you, with five family members playing hockey all year long. Chasing hockey schedules is almost a full-time job in itself, but when he has time to cut loose, Brano enjoys riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, boating on Fox Lake in Wisconsin and the Gulf of Mexico in Fort Myers, Florida.

Jamie Lerner
No Title (Because no title is NEEDED)

Jamie was Branovan’s first employee almost twenty years ago and has worn almost every hat. She can anticipate David’s thoughts so much that she’s often referred to as his twin (though she’s certain that she’s not the evil one). She is practically a magician – able to get what the client needs, in the budget, in the timeline – almost every time. It’s really magical.

Don’t believe us? She has a statue of a rabbit coming out of a hat on her desk. Coincidence??…

Clark Miller
Account Executive

Clark’s illustrious career started in a log cabin in northern Wisconsin. He became tired of rubbing two sticks to together so came up with the idea of “match books”. He started selling these “match books” to bars and restaurants (they were extra popular with a logo on them) around the state and they were a wild hit.  After that, he thought to put lead into wood and invented a “pencil”… the genius ideas just wouldn’t cease.

It is this kind ingenuity that you can expect from Clark. He is a fountain of great ideas and is always coming up with new fun and creative products to set our customers apart from the crowd.

Patty Guile
Account Executive

Patty is most often found rummaging around the Branovan office in search of the perfect promotional item for a client. Whether it’s for a special event, employee apparel, or unique gift, Patty is always certain that she can find the right fit for any customer… and she refuses to settle until she finds it.

Gretchen Barto
Account Executive

Gretchen’s outgoing and sometimes even a bit adventurous personality fits right in at Branovan. But yup, she is the the loud and silly one 🙂  She is a passionate brainstormer with years of experience – she’s a great place to go for young, fresh and innovative promotions.

If she’s not emailing or out and about meeting new people…she enjoys any free time with her husband Jason and their bundle of fun son, Gavin! Her passions are her family and doggies, and like any Wisconsin woman – outdoor adventures, nature, and the Green Bay Packers. Gretchen is also dedicated to helping businesses grow (even outside of her work at Branovan) and is the Marketing Director for a local networking group as well.

Lennie Childs
Sales and Marketing Director

Lennie, our “Lennergizer Bunny” takes simple ideas and turns them into amusement parks of marketing fun for Branovan. Never short on energy (which might be slightly due to the donuts he smuggles in from time to time), Lennie refuses to give up on a project or idea until it is the absolute best it can be – a philosophy that the entire Branovan team feels as well.

Lennie is a hockey player for Concordia University of Wisconsin and so is quite frequently found in the rink. But when he’s not, that “Lennergizer Bunny” is bouncing around the area – usually found about 30 places per day. 🙂

Linda Coleman
Sales Assistant

Linda helps keep us all from going crazy.  With products ranging from lava lamps to magic 8 balls to Champion sweatshirts to Hershey’s candy bars, no one knows where Branovan would be without Linda, the human computer.

In her spare time, she loves big screen movies and camping at all the state parks in Wisconsin as well as cooking and baking cookies and cakes (and we all love her baking as well….)

Cheryl Duckler
Account Executive

Cheryl has a soft spot for (and specializes in) non-profits and small businesses. For her, no order is too small and nothing is un-do-able. Cheryl gives every customer 110% and is one of Branovan’s ultimate cheerleaders!

Julie Lamont
Outside Sales Executive

Julie works for Branovan remotely from Southlake, Texas. Her first sales job was in concessions at the Milwaukee County Zoo when minimum wage was $3.50/hr (cha-ching!!).  But her experience since then (in retail, restaurants, hotels, and museum fundraising) has taught her what businesses look for in products, and what it takes to build a strong business. Her #1 joy is connecting a customer with a product or service that makes them look like a rock star!

In her spare time, she likes to be with husband and daughters, reading, crafting, gardening. She also takes a little too much pleasure in reminding her Wisconsin-based coworkers of her warm weather and the amazing Mexican food she enjoys.