New Great Gift Idea

Yeti Logo Tumbler

The hottest product in drinkware is here—the Himalayan tumbler.

This tumbler keeps drinks warm or cold for up to 6 hours. Not to mention it’s just a very cool, eye catching piece with your custom logo imprinted right on silver.

  • Double wall construction for insulating hot or cold beverages.
  • Spill resistent slide action lid with rubber gasket
  • BPA free

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How are Promotional Products Like Cake?

Has anyone ever told you that promotional products can be just like cake?

It’s true! Because we all think baking is simple – right? However, if you’re like me, it’s not simple at all… especially if you don’t have a good recipe to guide your process. Without a good recipe, the cake doesn’t rise or tastes a little ‘off’. But if you follow a good recipe, your cake will be every bit the delight you’re hoping for. The same holds true for finding and creating the perfect promotional product.

Before you begin your baking project, you go through a checklist of questions which are very similar to producing promotional products.

  1. Is the recipe reliable? Choose a promotional products distributor that is interested in your promotional success and that has a long history in the industry. For instance, Martha Stewart is more likely to have a reliable recipe than some flash in the pan who just took up baking yesterday.
  2. Is the cookbook a creative source for many types of cakes? Does your distributor fill the funnel of branded products ideas that will help build your brand? You want to make sure that your distributor is helping you think outside the box and understands the breadth of the industry – it will help you maximize your potential impact.
  3. Who are you making the cake for? How will the promotional product be used to increase your brand visibility? Thinking about the “who” always improves the “what.” Just like you’d probably make a different cake for your child’s birthday than for an anniversary with your spouse, understanding the context is an important component.
  4. Have you ever tasted the cake you’re thinking of serving? Ask your distributor about trending products and to create virtual samples. It’s important to create a relationship where you can trust your distributor, but you wouldn’t serve guests at your wedding a cake you’d never even sampled, would you?

If you need help determining which “cake” fits best into your marketing plan, give “your guy” Brano a call.

Reoccurring Trust

Everyone in this world has their routines, day by day, night by night. We place our trust in people, places, and things without a second thought. But how did we get to that point? You take your car to a certain mechanic, shop at a trusted grocery store, and even grab your morning cup of coffee at a predetermined location that you are sure will give the definite satisfaction you desire every time.

Trust stems from repeated successful actions and events. That is what we create here at Branovan, repeated success. Your trusted mechanic triple checks his work for you and in return you bring more business back to him. Your grocery store makes sure to have the best produce available for you and in return, you feel safe shopping there and come back frequently. Your favorite coffee shop barista brews your perfect beverage and in return you make that location a staple in your morning agenda. At Branovan, we triple check your order, make sure you have the best possible customer service, and show our gratitude by whole heartedly giving you not just what you ordered, but what you have always dreamed of. We can’t just tell you to trust us, we have to show you!

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Tradeshows… a few simple ideas

I am sure many of us have either attended a trade show or exhibited at one recently. I have fun observing at trade shows to see how the exhibitors drive traffic into their booth and how prospective customers react.

I read this simple phrase on a package of sugar at a Chinese restaurant and it really made a lot of sense. Ancient Chinese advertising secret… “He who whispers in a well is not so apt to get the dollars as he who climbs a tree and hollers.” – author unknown

So many times I see the table pushed tight to the aisle way creating a border between the exhibitor and the attendee. The only inviting offer is a bowl of unbranded candy.  The exhibitor staff often times are hiding behind the table or talking on their cell phones. And what that says is, “don’t bother me, you are not important.”

Engagement is what drives sales and new contacts. Take down the barrier and be ready to engage!  Accessibility to you and your product is the reason you are there. And please, put your cell phones away and smile. You will be amazed how fast the time will fly by and how many qualified buyers you will meet.

Promotional products are a great way to drive booth traffic. It is easy to put out a table full of branded pens for customers to come by and take a handful – but that may just waste your marketing budget and likely get you zero calls.  Why be an office supply company to your prospective customers? Instead, engage your customer with your branded gift item and pull them into your work space. That personal touch is the beginning of any good relationship.

Working with a qualified promotional product consultant will help you find the “right” product to engage potential customers. Talk about the giveaway product and why you thought it was a good reminder item and how they can use it to reinforce your company brand.

Good luck at your next trade show! If you need help driving booth traffic, please call me anytime.

“Your Guy”

Keeping Happy Employees

If your team is as hard-working as the Branovan team, you know the importance of having incentives to show them you appreciate them. Sometimes that means cake or treats just because (or to celebrate a milestone), but there are so many cool personalized items as an option. One of our clients has created a custom “you rock” box that we keep in inventory at Branovan, complete with an awesome insulated tumbler, sour gummy bears in a custom box, and a custom shaped stress ball. It’s an easy way for the company to stop and say thank you without having to go through the trouble of coming up with a gift every time an employee deserves something.

Our team is happy to come up with incentive and welcome gift baskets for your employees that fit your specific company needs – and because we have a large facility, we can even warehouse and drop-ship them when you need them. Contact us to start brainstorming!


Think Outside the Basket

Sometimes, big ideas aren’t always physically big. They are just really tailored to your industry and the trade show or event you’re attending. For instance, a hot giveaway right now is the personal charger. But why stick with just a normal rectangular charger? There are shapes and varieties that give the consumer the value of the charger, but are memorable and tied to your brand – items like this banana charger. The more Branovan knows about your company and where you’re going with your promotional item – the more we can come up with these “big ideas” that will really help you stand out from the crowd!

Contact our team to discuss how our “big ideas” may fit your “big needs”…